Concept Hotel Restaurant Ermitage 4 étoiles Meudon

Mind Hotel Paris Meudon Ermitage, Concept

Like a spell

We want to bring some joy and look after the well-being of all our customers at every stage of their life, by personalizing our offer: :

  • For professionals: inspiring and rejuvenating stays: innovative spaces, the discovery of the Meudon forest with great strides with our sports coach, the welcome and attention of our team.
  • During some of the greatest events in the lives of our clients: baptism, wedding… a magical place to bring your dreams to life and to mark these special moments with an emotional seal alongside our caring team.
  • In the simple moments of everyday life: simply welcome you for a lunch with friends or colleagues, a weekend with your family…

L’Ermitage: a place accessible to all, open to nature and to the world.

If you come to see us with beautiful projects, crazy and impossible expectations… Be aware that here, EVERYTHING is possible!


Values shared by the entire team

Mind Hotel Paris Meudon Ermitage, Concept

  • courage to act by daring to listen to our hearts
  • respect of the given word
  • curiosity by developing passion and enthusiasm for everything
  • authenticity for ourselves, each other and for all

History of the Ermitage

L’Ermitage has a history spanning three centuries: the first building dating back to 1897, the Tradition building built in the 20th century and the Forest building in the 21st century.

Today, L’Ermitage is reinventing itself. Bought a year ago, the establishment is now part of the Immoparts Hotels Collection group, a hotel group with strong values that strives to create a bond through emotion, to make you feel at home.

Best Western Plus Paris Meudon Ermitage proudly assumes its uniqueness, as a lively, humane and constantly improving hotel.

For your stay with us to be a journey of the 5 senses....


The style of the spaces. The presence of nature. The influence of the forest.


Music to reconnect with our emotions. Our musical evenings, every 4th Thursday of the month and our partner Crescendo for your music coaching.


Our kitchen. The balance of flavours. Our signature dish.


Our olfactory identity “Like a spell”.


The choice of beautiful materials in all our spaces.